Fill in the gaps with one word:


The modern way of communication

Only when you use social media to keep in touch _____ (1) your loved ones do you realize _____ (2) awesome they are. Skype is one of the most popular video conferencing programmes and probably the best choice to arrange a meeting, either for business or pleasure. By using this I’ve had wonderful online experiences.

Do you miss someone who is living abroad? Video chat is true to life enough to feel _____ (3) if your friends were close to you. The design of Skype is second to none and for easy use, no _____ (4) how bad at using technology you are, as you will be able to chat! You just need to add your friends to your contact list and enjoy of this innovative form to communicate. Unlike other programmes, Skype let you call up to six persons to once, and I would say that’s the most exciting possibility it has. Moreover, the sound quality is _____ (5) surprisingly great that you can almost believe you all are face-to-face.

One particular weakness of the program is that images may get block if your Internet connection is _____ (6) up to scratch. However, updates are getting better little by little. Regarding security, a considerable difference between Skype and other social networks is that real-time videos can’t be recorded_____ (7), while photos and all the information you put in Facebook, for example, will stay on the Internet for ever.

Although I’m not normally keen on technology, I’m glad that I decided to get into video chats. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is fond of catching with friends. It couldn’t be a _____ (8) app to exchange feelings and experiences far away!






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