Fill in the gaps with one word:

Internet Dating

Internet dating has changed the way we interact with _____ (1) other. While people used to go out and meet each other face-to-face, they are nowadays spending an increased amount of time online. But is internet dating really helping them to get to know each other better or are they actually losing essential social skills and putting themselves _____ (2) risk?

Meeting people online have proven to be beneficial for those living abroad in big cities. This is due to the increasing _____ (3) of distance between boroughs and the difficulties for people to travel for an hour every time they go on a date. It is _____ (4) helpful for foreigners who are trying to locate a person from a similar background which could potentially make it easy for their relationship to work. By filtering possible candidates from the comfort of their homes, they could be increasing the _____ (5) of finding the right person for them.

Having said this, one must stress caution as the benefits do not totally outweigh the drawbacks. It is know that people are using the internet to gain access _____ (6) vulnerable adults and children who tend to be desperate for affection and not fully aware of the dangers of social media. If one combines this with the fact that a significant amount of dating profiles are fake or they show nothing _____ (7) substantial than a few overrated pictures, it could be seen _____ (8) a waste of everyone´s time.

While is clear that internet dating has revolutionized our world, there is still an open debate about how it should be used and its effectiveness in finding the right person.






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