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Balancing work and leisure: the challenge all humans face

According _____ (1) a recent survey, one of the major concerns people have nowadays and their biggest struggle in life is to find enough time for everything they want to achieve, not in the sense of their whole lives, but just in a 24 hours day.  On one hand, we long for the need to fulfill our potential and this urge _____ (2) accomplishment is important, nevertheless it can lead us to become worried about our use of time, and stress related to time wasting can become an issue.

Right from the very start, we are generally asked _____ (3) we want to be when we grow up and we spend most of our adolescent years contemplating our future. Somehow there is pressure imposed on us and we need to live up to what is expected of us, ignoring the fact that happiness or even stability should be _____ (4) most important goal. Basically, we become career-oriented making it our principal aim.  We start obsessing about our time _____ (5) well-spent omitting our most crucial need: being mentally and physically healthy.

_____ (6) regards to productivity, society understands it as making money and investing our time and health in what later is translated into a so-called ideal life. Being effective is the means of producing _____ (7) and more in a constant upward spiral. Although, the preferred option would be to pursue this feat, but rather giving ourselves time to meditate, allocate the necessary time to our close ones, disconnect from what keeps _____ (8) so busy and alienated from others; This best way of doing this being; socializing with loved ones and spending time by ourselves so that we can focus on what we enjoy to an equal degree.






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