Fill in the gaps with one word:

 TV shows and talent competitions

The aim of this essay is to evaluate the aspects of reality and talent TV shows and more specifically, their influence _____ (1) our society in general. Even though there are different opinions on the topic, in this paper, we will discuss the principal factors that should be _____ (2) into account.

First of _____ (3), I would like to talk about the influence that realities and talent shows have on youngsters. The general consensus is that young people watch too much television nowadays and this tendency has been increasing over the _____ (4) few years. These youngsters see the people on these substance less shows, who participate in demeaning activities, showing a lack of self esteem or even shame, looking ______ (5) to them as role models and in some cases the viewers focus on imitating their behaviour in order to emulate these people and make a quick fortune. This imitation trend can even cause young people to abandon their studies and from _____ (6) point of view this is an issue that should be solved as soon as possible.

Regarding the effect on the participants of this kind of show, I reckon that is a topic that must be controlled and advised ______ (7) because of the impact that it can have on society. It also depends on what the exact show in question, as the   experience can be enriching for the people who take part, however this is generally the exception to the rule. The majority of people involved are damaged by the experience and this can have a telling effect on their futures. It _____ (8) well known that almost all participants change after participating in a reality show and not in all cases is in a good way.






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