Fill in the gaps with one word:


Nowadays it is a well-known fact that the development of new technologies influences our society greatly. The problem is _____ (1) we consider how we can promote the union with new mentalities versus the more antiquated ways of thinking. We shall evaluate the enormous gap _____ (2) younger and older people and, of course, focus on the education, leisure and the business world.

First, let us concentrate on the issues related to education, _____ (3) which Ipads have replaced ordinary books. At present we can find a problem in that schools are in a fight between the ops offering new technologies and the benefits of traditional teaching methods.  This is also reflected in high schools where students are _____ (4) prepared for the world of work by traditional teachers, with traditional mentalities and no idea of how technologies can be beneficial for new generations of students that need to be prepared _____ (5) today´s world?

Next, we shall consider the enormous gap that is being created between young and old people. The youngest have the skills for new technologies, but lack the wisdom of the elders. On the _____ (6) hand, older people do not want to learn about it and the youth take advantage from this. The most important action has been given in business world, where new technologies have contributed to an enormous improvement in a very short time and therefore made some professions obsolete. This has _____ (7) possible new faster communication channels, new publicity resources, new payment methods and a lot of contributions in business and also in everyday life.

In conclusion, it is more necessary than ever to make good _____ (8) of the resources and new technologies to promote the union of the different worlds which coexist nowadays, but of course without losing other essential skills.






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