Fill in the gaps with one word:

Travelling broadens your mind

There are _____ (1) many pros to travelling that I can´t even list them all. From meeting people, learning new things and trying new foods. Travel has it all. But clearly the most beneficial of all of them is the fact that it opens you up to new things, it broadens your perspective _____ (2) you will.

Have you ever wished to travel the globe, but backed out of it due to fear? This is a common case but there is _____ (3) need. You only live once and life is short. You must “collect experiences and not things” as the saying goes because they are the only things you will remember on your deathbed. The older we get the more complicated our lives become so we need to get it done while we are young or _____ (4) least hope that our off-spring fly the nest soon enough to give us a chance to travel before our health gives out.

Culture is the marvellous thing that we have on our planet and it is there to be appreciated and enjoyed. People are vibrant, friendly and helpful and you will find good people no _____ (5) where you go, irrespective of language barriers or cultural differences, you just need to remember _____ (6) a smile goes a long way.

Our consumerist society has misconstrued what happiness means to us, therefore it is time to put a spanner in the works, go out a live your life to the full. When you go out into the world you may even come to appreciate what you have _____ (7) home and your beliefs and traditions should probably become even more important to you. This is the flip side _____ (8) what travel can do for you. Learning a language is also an obvious benefit that cannot be overlooked. If you learn a new language you have the gateway to a new culture and also the key to forming new friendships. So what are you waiting for? Where will your next trip take you?






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