Fill in the gaps in the text with one word. More than one answer may be possible.


When you think about professional success, you think ____ (1) the strategies and behaviours that people have ____ (2) they are at work. You think about what people do during the 9-5 working hours, and ____ (3) they extend _____ (4) hours by coming in earlier and staying later to deal with complex projects. What they do when they get home, or ____ (5) weekends, when they’re away from the office and away from their computers, doesn’t enter your mind. But here’s the thing: it should.

How people spend their free time can actually have a big impact on their success in the professional world as it helps them to either unwind ____ (6) motivate themselves towards their professional goals. Successful people tend to spend their free time in these seven ways; successful people almost always read, there is almost nothing in this world that has not been done before, therefore if you read, you can find how others have achieved similar goals to your own. Also, these types of people normally exercise, nothing excessive, but they look after themselves. They also continue their education throughout their lives; they never stop taking classes as they ____ (7) always see room for improvement. So as said by Will Smith, they keys to life are running and reading, running will teach you perseverance and that you are more capable than you thought and reading will help you to learn ____ (8) others, their success and their mistakes.






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