Here at intercambioidiomasonline we believe in a communicative approach to language learning with simplified grammar that can be internalized and enables our students to build their own sentences, and use language in a flexible way.

Our innovative vocabulary learning approach called Super Sentences will give our learners the tools to take responsibility for their own learning and also give them the strategies that they need to learn at their own pace, in a way that will help their English progress with ease.

Our expert teachers are qualified, native English language experts with a great amount of teaching experience online. They will help you step by step to improve your language use in a communicative and flexible way, and also use our resources for FREE!

Learn from home!

Advance quickly!

Have a clear plan!

Get support!

Use language effectively!

Enjoy your language learning!


A1: Learn the basics with your native teacher you will learn how to start communicating

A2: The next step is to start forming your own phrases and understanding language

B1: Learn to express yourself and use language in a flexible way

B2: Now we are making progress! Using varying structures and get into detail

C1: Advancing nicely! An advanced level course will help you perfect your language use

C2: Master class. Perfect your language skills in a flexible way with our expert teachers


*Our teachers will always provide you with lesson notes so that you can review what you have seen in class and thus progress accordingly. Remember, the steps of our super sentence vocabulary learning method!



ONLINE: Classes shall be conducted with the video conference platform Google Hangouts:


LESSON NOTES: Flexible and personalized handouts shall be given to each learner with each class:

  • Questions
  • Role-plays
  • Grammar point
  • Vocabulary
  • Advice

TEACHER SUPPORT: You will have the contact details of your teacher to be able to consult doubts and check up on your progress outside of class time.



ENTHUSIASM: You will learn how to learn English in an entertaining and motivational fashion so that classes will go quickly and be fulfilling!


At intercambioidiomasonline we always put the learner first and teach our students the ways to continue their learning on their own; we fully believe in the flipped classroom approach to learning and therefore all theory based material shall be provided out of class time so that students can get up to date with the material and use their class time for SPEAKING and resolving doubts. Our communicative approach will ensure that students learn in a progressive and flexible manner. What are you waiting for? With our communicative method START, it is about time to get SMART!




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