Reading: Choose the best option A, B or C that has the same meaning as the first sentence. Only one of the options is correct.



 Abbey Road Study Centre. Two for the price of one on language courses this summer.
 One free course with every course that you buy
Get a course free when you buy more than two
 Buy 3 courses and one additional one


 30 minute time limit on the use of computers in the library at peak times
When the library is busy computers can be used for a maximum of 30 minutes
You cannot use computers for the next 30 minutes as they are busy
At peak times you might need to wait a half hour for a computer


 To all local residents. To save energy please turn off all the lights when they are not in use
 To reduce the waste of energy, cut down on leaving unnecessary lights on
 Do not use the lights in this building to save energy
Please stop turning the lights on


 Supermarket announcement. Only once you have paid for the food can you begin to eat it
Don´t eat food until paying for it
Food cannot be paid for before eating it
Eat food outside the supermarket


 From May 30th onwards, you can reserve a holiday online
 Holidays online are not bookable until this date
 By the time the summer ends, holidays will be available
 You cannot reserve holidays online



 Play Fitness Gym: Sign up for the BodyBalance classes before February 1st or risk missing out
There might not be any more spaces in the class if you do not join in time
The gym is crowded and there are only a limited number of classes
BodyBalance classes are available until February 1st


 Passengers on trains cannot get discount rates unless they book in advance
By booking ahead you can save money on train tickets
You can only get reduces prices on the day of departure
Discounts are only available to certain people at specific times


 Customers are expected to show proof of payment on collecting their bicycles
You need to demonstrate that you have paid when you pick up your bicycle
Pay for your bike when you pick it up
If you don´t prove ownership of the bicycle, you cannot collect it


 I´m away on business all next week so will be unreachable. Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible
I will get back to you when I come back
As I am not in the office you can only contact me by email
Due to the nature of my work, you can only speak to me by phone


 On arranging a viewing of the house, inform us of any special requirements that you may have
During the planning stages of the visit, give us the necessary information
When visiting you need to think about what you need to tell us
Personalize your viewing by arranging a specific time








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