Methodology – START


An essential part of learning a language is the methodology used. I have spoken about the importance of using a language and context in the past, as well as giving advice for improving the individual skills such as speaking and listening, so I thought it right to put it into a simple acronym to be able to remember: START

See it and say it

Translate and try it in a context

Apply it and use it in a phrase

Review it and remember it

Test it by using it in a context


The methodology is simple and I have put it into 5 points, when dealing with new language (vocabulary or grammar structures), the learner should:

1. See it and say it to be clear about what they want to learn.

2. Translate (if necessary) and try it out in a context, this is essential with phrasal verbs or idioms.

3. Apply it to various contexts and use it in several phrases (say it, listen to it, write it and read it).

4. Review it and try to remember it. It is important to recall it frequently.

5. Test it by using it in various contexts and in real life (or exam) situations.


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