New Spanish Section: for those of you who wish to learn Español/Castellano

Hi, my name is Marc and I am the founder and community manager of intercambioidiomasonline and we have been primarily focussed on the teaching and learning of English up till now, but as I have vast experience of learning Spanish we have set up a new resources section for Native English Speakers (or anyone who wants to learn Spanish from English) in our resources menu. We will look at giving advice to people who are starting to learn or those who simple wish to improve their level. I have been learning Spanish for about 9 years now and would consider myself (getting on for being) bilingual, although my wife Inés insists that I already am. As we know there is always room for improvement. I want to shae my experiences and language learning tips, so that this site can become a true language exchange site.

I am in talks with Olly Richards ( a language learning expert) to collaborate on a post and to help all of you out there hoping to get a good grasp of the Spanish language. Check out his site here at IWILLTEACHYOUALANGUAGE

Take a look at our Spanish resources (español) menu for FREE RESOURCES

Catch you all soon


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