Private classes – online course, teacher training, Skype and face to face classes

spanishflag (Versión español disponible al fondo de esta entrada)

We are going to start providing a variety of new services including: private classes, online classes, custom lesson plans and teaching activities and learning support for both English teachers and English language students. Send a message to marchuckle86@gmail.com or send a message to the facebook page for further details.

I am a British teacher living in Spain. I have a Ba (hons) in education from Birmingham City University and more than 10 years teaching experience, teaching all levels of adults (A1-C2) and have worked with the Cambridge, Trinity and Escuela Oficial exams. I also speak fluent Spanish that will help with lower level students.

This post will show example lesson plans and  images of lessons to give you a taste of what you can learn with me.

Lesson plans (level by level) PDF

a2-plan                                          b2-plan

Before starting classes with me, you might like to know something about my methodology. As you may have seen in my previous posts about language (Do you have a talent for learning languages?) I follow the theory that language is learned through its use, my lessons are planned thoroughly with both long term learning goals and short term learning objectives, and you (the learner) will be expected to complete preparation work such as reviewing vocabulary, reading texts, watching videos and listening activities before class in order to take full advantage of class time. All material will be provided by the teacher and explained before use.

spanishflag Antes de empezar las clases particulares con intercambioidiomas, quizás queráis saber algo de como impartimos las clases. Creemos que las clases deben ser dinámicas y divertidas para provocar el interés del alumno. Por eso en todas las actividades requieren que el alumno prepare todo el material (vídeo, textos, vocabulario, escuchar) proporcionado por el profesor antes de dar clase para poder aprovechar al máximo todo el tiempo de la clase. Vuestro profesor se llama Marc, es británico y diplomado en magisterio y ademas, tiene mas de 10 años de experiencia. Las clases están programadas para cumplir las necesidades de cada alumno en el  mínimo plazo de tiempo posible.


Also, I am involved in teacher training and have done workshops with several language academies and schools. Courses are available in both English and Spanish. Send an email to marchuckle86@gmail.com or to the facebook group for further details.

                       la-academia-cedes                                    academia-cedes-hand-out


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