Do you have a talent for learning languages?

“I’m no good at learning languages!”. As a language teacher I have heard this a million times. Is there really a special talent? What makes some people learn faster that others?

I truly believe that there is no such thing as being good at learning languages, anyone is capabale. But what are they ingredients for success? I have narrowed it down to several points that I will put in order of importance.

  1. Interest. If you are not interested you won’t manage it. It’s called motivation. You need to love it to learn it well. This helps with the amount that you use the language you have chosen to learn. Make it fun, dynamic and creative to prevent boredom. Use games to make it enjoyable. I recommend  EASYESLGAMES
  2. Opportunity to practise. To learn a language you need to do one simple thing, use it! If you use it, you live it. The internet is a fantastic resource to find opportunities to use the language you want to learn.
  3. Understand  how you like to learn. A clear understanding of the way you like to use your time will help you as a learner to take advantage of the time you use a language. Also, – clear understanding of your own language gives you a helping hand.
  4. Interaction with other language learners. Language is about interaction and communication. Don’t do it all alone! Find people with this common interest and get inspired, there is always a new opportunity around the corner.

So if there is no such thing as a talent for learning languages what are we waiting for? Spread the word and let’s break this erroneous view that only a select few can do it. I always use the conext of a ‘dim’ friend I have back home in my town, (let’s face it, we all have one) even my friend was capable of mastering his mother tongue through using it and listening to it everyday. Try to use these ideas as a way of motivating students.

I hope these little tips are useful.



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