Spellings – Why do we spell words differently?


Have you ever wondered why we spell words the way we do? Draught or draft? Colour or color? This cool little video explains where British English and American English parted ways in terms of the way we spell words. So who is right? Well, they both are. Thank you Mr Samuel Johnson and Noel Webster for your dictionaries.

It is understandable that we use different words due to cultural differences over time and things such as football or soccer, pavement or sidewalk are normal.


Mistakes in language can be good. They can lead to the creation of new words, take a look at some of the examples.


And this is how mistakes can sometime change our language. Our language is so rich thanks to all of the external influences in our history. That´s what makes English so natural and why we love it.

Knowing about the origins of words is really important to make sure we understand a language well. Also, it is always a great way to sound knowledgable in class.


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