Learning Languages Online: APPS

Until very recently I considered myself to be ´old school´in terms of technology. I have used computers in my teaching and as a language learner, I have also used the internet to find resources and definitions of vocabulary but I have always been traditional in terms of study techniques. I personally need a context to be able to learn something well, I need to participate in the teaching-learning experience to get anything out of it so I saw the best way for me to practise language was through face to face discussions. This was until very recently. I am currently studying French but going from Spanish to French as I find the base is far more similar and the grammar forms are easier to take from Spanish but I have one little problem. I live in a small city in the south east of Spain and here there are very few native french speakers to practise with and I must admit my level is basic (at best). The answer for me to progress has come to light through technology. I use my mobile phone and computer to log in each day into an APP (BABBEL, Duolingo and BUSUU). For people with a basic level and little time to go out and find with whom to practise they are a great way to kick off learning and start off on what is a long journey towards fluency. Try them out and recommend them to your students. The key is to encourage our students to use language outside of the classroom and let´s face it, we spend a lot if time using gadgets these days, we need to take advantage of this fact and use them to incorporate or new language into these snippets of time. It is proven that the more you do, the better you get, regardless of the type of activity that they use. These products are not to replace teachers in the teaching-learning process but to enhance it. So, promote these products and you will see students progress immensly, especially at lover levels, you won´t regret it.


Hasta hace muy poco yo aprendía a la antigua y la verdad es que no era muy fan de la tecnología para aprender idiomas. Actualmente estoy empezando un curso de francés pero para ser sincero, mi nivel es básico, muy básico. Vivo en una ciudad pequeña en el sur-este de España y ni tengo el tiempo ni los recursos para salir a encontrar un intercambio o con quien practicar. Este hecho evidentemente impide mi progreso. No me quedaba otra opción que buscar otra forma de aprender. He empezado un curso utilizando un par de APPS (BABBEL,Duolingo y BUSUU). Son una buena forma de iniciar el proceso de aprendizaje y muy fáciles de usar. Estudiantes deben aprovechar la tecnología que tenemos a mano hoy en día y nosotros como profesores debemos dejarlo saber a nuestros alumnos que ´Cuanto mas estudien nuestros alumnos, mas avanzaran´. De la forma que sea, la practica es fundamental y es imprescindible que nuestro alumnos incorporen el idioma que quieran aprender en su rutina diaria. Estas APPS no son para reemplazar al profesor en el proceso de aprendizaje sino ayudar a los estudiantes a aprovechar su tiempo y suplementar las clases. así que debemos recomendarlos a nuestros alumnos, no te arrepentirás.








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