Hello, my name is Marc Andrew Huckle, BA (hons) in Education with QTS from Birmingham City University. I am the creator of, a blog aimed at giving language learning advice to students and preparing official exams.

I am also the principal writer of the Cambridge Assessment English preparation courses at Contact us at for more information.

I speak advanced level Spanish to best support my students and I am also a certified Cambridge Assessment English examiner and invigilator.


I am currently based in Albacete, Spain and for this reason the blog will have articles in Spanish and English. This blog has been created principally for the teaching and learning of English so that students can ask for advice and find resources. However it also serves as a space for teachers of English to share ideas and pool resources to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

This site offers information on exams at B1B2 and C1 level. You should take a look at the exams section in the main menu if you are preparing an English exam at any of these levels and take advantage of the free resources available. It also has a teaching blog section in the main menu for language learning advice.

If you are a student or teacher of English, then you have found the perfect place to find resources. This site offers language learning advice; we have our own method START, a complete course for the preparation of the Cambridge  Assessment English exams at WWW.APPF.ES or send a message to, and we also have a great bank of links to the best resource websites on the net.

This blog came to mind as I have realised that there is a real niche here in Spain for teachers of English with little or no experience starting out their careers or this with vast teaching experience that are struggling for new innovative ideas.

There are various ways in which we can all take advantage of this community, such as:

  • Provide language learners with advice about study techniques and exam skills.
  • The sharing of teaching ideas and resources, in which I will personally be involved with any questions that come up.
  • Arranging exhange programmes between schools or at a personal level to help with language learning.
  • The organisation of events and as a way of getting to know about already existing conferences for teachers and langauge learners.

So I would just like to give everyone a warm welcome to intercambioidiomas and I hope to hear from you all soon.






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