ESL TEACHING – posts about teaching and learning

Here you can find a list of our articles about the teaching and learning of languages.

If you are looking for extra resources, you might want to look at the resources for adults/young learners menu (PC users: side menu or mobile users: at the bottom of the page)

1. Changes in the teacher role in the classroom

2. The importance of planning and class preparation

3. My Little Book of Ideas

4. Making grammar dynamic

5. Learners… and their mistakes

6. Improving listening skills: advice for students and teachers

7. Developing teaching strategies = teacher training

8. MOTIVATING young learners

9. The use of story in ESL

10. Behaviour Management in ESL Teaching

11. Time Saving Speaking – activities with little or no preparation needed

12. Learning languages for enjoyment or preparing for exams: Where is the balance?

13. The Importance of Listening: Comprehensible Input

14. Speaking – Keeping it real

15. Communication between the teacher and student

16. Vobabulary acquisition and how it has changed – a message to language learners

17. The importance of relevance

18. Which should be the main focus of your planning: vocabulary, grammar, exam technique? – How about the students!

19. Reflexive Teaching – How can I improve?

20. Creating and maintaining the student´s interest

21. Mnemonics and vocabulary recall – methods of learning new vocabulary and relating it to what you already know

22. Prepositions -How to understand them = make them visual and practical!

23. Oracy: getting your students to talk

24. Effective Evaluation and assessment

25. Pronunciation – making yourself understood

26. Using your time well

27. Improving your listening: the effort involved /Mejorando el oído (Bilingual post/entrada bilingüe)

28. Vocabulary Tricks – Useful advice to learn new vocabulary



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