7. Developing teaching strategies = teacher training

As teachers we have all felt the disappointment of having to attend endless training workshops that we feel are repetitive or actually teach us little (or nothing) that we can actually use with our students. Recently, as I was sieving through articles on teacher training, an article grabbed my attention (LESSON STUDY). It is about… Continue reading 7. Developing teaching strategies = teacher training


Improving listening skills: advice for students and teachers

The first thing to mention is when We refer to improving listening skills, we are talking about speaking and listening skills, they fall under the same category and are impossible to separate. In this post I am going to talk about things that teachers of English should know and share with language learners so that… Continue reading Improving listening skills: advice for students and teachers


5. Learners… and their mistakes

I am sure that all us teachers, and other students for that matter, have heard students complain about continuously making (the same) mistakes. But in language learning mistakes are necessary as we are going where we have never been before to learn something new, and in doing this we can often make mistakes “Anyone who… Continue reading 5. Learners… and their mistakes


4. Making grammar dynamic

As I was going through my planning for the start of the new term, I thought to myself, ‘what would be the best approach to grammar?’. I have always been a true believer of keeping it simple, little and often so that my students can develop the necessary skills without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information.… Continue reading 4. Making grammar dynamic


3. My Little Book of Ideas

So that time of year is approaching again. Back to school! As classes will be starting very soon I want to talk about innovative and easy to prepare activities that can be used in any classroom regardless of lack of resources such as smart boards, projectors or even internet access. It is fantastic to have… Continue reading 3. My Little Book of Ideas



For the second part of this blog we thought is right to discuss planning strategies and class preparation. As teachers we often ask ourselves the same questions; how long should I spend on planning? And more often nowadays we tend to think of ways to save time. Are my classes interesting and capturing the attention… Continue reading THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING AND CLASS PREPARATION


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Bilingual Education/ Bilingüismo

Este post ha sido escrito con el propósito de hablar del bilingüismo en el sistema educativo aquí en España. Ha sido un tema de mucho debate desde su comienzo en 1978. Claro en el pasado era mas de Catalan, Gallego, Vasco y luego Francés y ahora toca inglés pero que mas da. Es igual el idioma.… Continue reading Bilingual Education/ Bilingüismo


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Changes in the teacher role in the classroom

  From experience of teaching workshops and training courses, I have come to a few conclusions about the role of the teacher in the ESL classroom. Therefore, I thought it best, on starting this blog, to begin by talking about a teacher’s role in the classroom and how it has changed in recent years. It is… Continue reading Changes in the teacher role in the classroom